Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Tis been a long time since I posted, partially due to the lack of much going on. Blame the weather. Perhaps the worst spring for climbing in W. MT, as long as I've been climbing. Summer is kinda here. Call it a good dozen days. If it isn't raining its almost too hot. Might as well move over to the Pac Northwest, same weather. Another reason for my lack of posting is my moral/ethical dilemma about blogging. Its really like internet ego masturbation, and as I've gotten older i've really started to despise all the shameless internet self promotion and ego inflation that goes on in the climbing world. Here I am being a hypocrite, however, nobody really gives a shit what we do. Climbing rocks, I mean really? Certainly, i take climbing very seriously but who really cares and in the grand scheme of things, climbing is so insignificant and selfish it deserves little recognition. On the other hand, climbing is kind of like going to church, if I may make that comparison, or athletic meditation if you will, for me anyhow.
Blog away though, just remember tact goes a long way. And i'd like to give a shout to the Montanaboulder blog which is a great blog, with little to no bullshit. Tommy and the crew are awesome!

Never the less, We've been up to lolo a decent amount, still putting in lots of work at the Hideout. I showed Scotty, Brandon, Molly, Ben Bruns and Jessie the goods. They were stoked. The Hideout is staked with lots of proud beautiful lines as well as lots of challenging boulder problems and projects, one of which I've put four seshuans into now. Not to be cliche but this is one pure boulder problem, a huge slightly off vert deadpoint/dyno off a decent horizontal edge to a fairly poor horizontal, a good meter and a half away with poor poor feet.
Deano and I added a new problem to the Sphinx boulder (or Hideout) two weekends ago. Another incredible line. I played around with a sit start to Fires over Cairo, which happens to be the sit to Hieroglyphics and it ended up going last weekend. Cuneiform was written. Which starts, climbs right from Hiero and either tops out Hiero or goes up Dean's variation. Dean's variation tops out via a crack, way to go the trad way Deano!!

I'm in Bozo right now, its raining, go figure. But im here for the FF Consortium testing, working my way towards a potential real career. The Big Red engine baby. And I'm nearly an EMT with one more test to take. Sister is getting married this weekend, holy shiat. By soon to be Bro in law is rad though. I'm getting him all stoked up on climbing. And the new woody in the garage is sick. Ya'll ought to come over for a sesh! We're going to have a party at some point, ill throw a line when we got some time to party.


  1. Your church analogy can be applied to blogging as well. Rather than ego stroking, good blogs (like yours) strengthen our small community, just like church for the faithful. And since the closing of the Rock Garden (R.I.P.), we've been at risk of losing much of that sense of community. Hopefully we'll get some back when the new bouldering gym opens. But until then, we remain fractured in our groups and wonder who else is doing what.

    I definitely agree with your shout out to Montana Bouldering. Besides what you say, what they do is keep their blog really fresh. As someone who tries to come up with ways to keep a blog current and interesting, I have much respect for that. Which is another way of saying, it's good to have you back in the pews, Brother Levi. Keep it coming, and we'll keep reading.



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