Friday, July 16, 2010

Capuccino Cowboy and ketchup

Its been quite some time since I've posted, Sorry. It rained most of this spring and then we sprung right into the scorching temps of summer. Sure makes it hard to climb here. This last month as been full of demotivating, hot and hungover weekends. Deaner and I replaced a couple anchors. The Elk fart/ Dragons breath anchor on Elk and the back side anchor on Tor that serves three climbs including Originator. We also replaced all the anchors on the random events wall earlier in the season.
Last weekend Pickle-Peck aka BIG rig and I went to scope some boulders at Baker lake that Kyle was raving about.....yeah.... they sucked. We were foder for mosquitos. Floner escepade for sure. So... we bailed to loho. We drove up to the Stallion area, 11 miles past the bridge. The boulders are visible from the road on te south side over the creek. We did a new problem and worked on a new project. The trail crew arete V5? assis climbs the right arete of the first big boulder. There is a fallen tree just right of the climb but it is of no worry. Crux right at the top almost. Good fun. The project is to the left and starts sitting and involves neat beta and good temps for a send oh and it helps if you're tall. I plan on getting up there again soon with the chain saw and do some work out there to make things safer and more aesthetically pleasing. Beth came up and meet us the next day and she made good progress on the duke and dylan and I barely climbed. Too bloody hot.
Earlier this week Kelsey and I managed to take advantage of some unseasonably good temps and went to the random events wall for some goodness. All the climbs on the wall are great ranging from mid 10 to mid 12. Capuccino Cowboy 12a is the prize though. The wall is nicely secluded next to a creek and catches shade in the evening. Plus you have to go through a sick tunnel to get there. The wall itself is grande with sweeping overhangs. Its so good,the cowboy is arguabbly sandbag but is a contender for one of the best 12a's anywhere. Its like the baremetal teen of montana. Headed out for more adventures this weekend. Peace -climb well