Monday, November 15, 2010

Been a while since I posted! Not a whole lot going on around here since its mid-Nov.  Lolo is completely done for. Went up and shot guns and chilled by a fire in the rain about a week ago. That was fun. This last lolo season yielded quite a bit of new development. Deano and I probably put up a good 40 new problems. There was development by others too. Scotty, Sam, Joe, Kyle, Greg, Dylan and others all helped out. Quite a bit of climbing came out of this season. The alchemist project was sent by Greg, McClure and I sent the Escape artist sit, and Kyle FAd the Opium, 7C/7C+? props to everyone.

We've eked out a couple more days out at kootenai. I've been working on the Arborist but tore a nice chunk out of my right ring finger a little over a week ago. Thing was gushing blood. Things are slow to heal so just getting back and climbing easier trady stuff and ropegunnin for some friends who are just getting back into climbing. And lots of pulling on the woody n lifting weights, 5 days a week, like a job. Its been fun to help rekindle the fire for folks, especially, Mike Cwik. I'm also helping mentor this kid Jessie from BigSky HS who is doing  his senior project on climbing. We're gonna meet up sometime this week at the old UM gym, showem the ropes n stuff. It should be fun. Now we get to wait out the crap weather for P-lot/jtree season.

P.S. Headed to Indian creek through the holiday 10days. Kind of a krew. I'll be flying my MT Flag, bitches. See you there.

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  1. Sounds like a productive season out there...about how many problems in total now ya think?

    Hope to see ya in the lith sooner than later...



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