Monday, March 15, 2010

The melt off!

Dean, Ryan and I hiked into the Hideout this weekend for an overnight. Prior to our departure we stopped at bobwards to purchase some more ammo and so Ryan could buy some shit. As we're leaving he recalls that he forgot his walmart sleeping sack. Dumbass. So back we go into b-wards, 10 min later rydog comes out $175 dollars later and chucks his new bag into that back. A few moments later Deaner pipes up, "you know you bought a womans long right?" I didn't turn around so ry was stuck with the chick bag for the night.
This was the third night we've spent up there and it was no less epic. Hiking with oversized crashpads with yellow bellies spilling out the top was just as exciting as the last time. This particular trip we tried a new point of entry which proved to be just as a bitch as the other way, if not more so. Melt that fuckin snow sun. Never the less we stumbled and slipped our way into the hideout. Many beers and a bonfire ensued along with pork sausage n chili. After a few can has accumulated we decided to bust out the pistols for a little redneck target practice. Shooting in the dark aint easy but it'll do. Pick up the brass in the mornin. After shootin I got psyched for some sawin and bucked up a bunch of rounds which Ryan split for the fire. I kind of burned some karma or Nature points this weekend. I took this poor fir 6 times my age for a sick looking sports route. Trees grow, don't get your panties in a wad, you should see what the the loggers do. I finished filling in a landing we built and then went and joined Dean who was working on brushing another dope line. We proceeded to build a landing for that as well. By this point in the evening we had consumed most of our allocated brew and turned in for the eve. It was a cold night and morning brought icicles and some frozen water.
The sun quickly brought warmth and comfort to the day and we continued to clean and check out potential lines for several hours till it was time to climb. Deaner and I cimbed three new lines on one boulder and I repeated an old line he had done before. Then back to the Rabit project. The whole problem changed in a way with the tree being gone. It took we a few tries to stick the first move but I sent the first time I connected with the arete producing a great line. Probably weighs in somewhere around hard 7 or so. Cheers, sorry for no pics but will post again soon.