Thursday, October 21, 2010

Waving by to the fall!

Looks like the shit is going to hit the fan, weather wise anyway. 40s, Rain and the dreaded snow. I'm not really a skier anymore so...fuck winter. Skiing is sick though. And if I wasn't poor i'd probably buy some gear and take it back up. I do miss shredding pow.  Shredding pow is like good oral sex, it doesn't get much better. Plus gravity is in your favor, unlike climbing. Although, as we all know, the school of gravity gives hard knocks. Regardless, i'd rather be climbing somewhere nice n sunny. Like J-tree or Bishop, or The Creek, even if its cold as fuck, the walls have that micro-climate of sorts. 

The winter Destinations of the West are unparalleled! I'm feeling the tree pulling me. The creek for turkey day perhaps Jtree for a great 6 weeks if I can make it happen, mid Jan-Feb, with good old Deano the Machino. BTW i need a fucking nick name, so give me some ideas, and don't be a smart ass. Wrangler, Maverick and Jeans have all been used before and that quirky nick name that my Aunt came up with but we'll not discuss that here. Not that its bad, I just dont' want that shit on the street. word. 

The first Butress at Kootenai is getting good now. Sending temps i'm feeling. The nice thing is that those routes are overhanging enough to shed most light to moderate precip and it catches some sun. The BRIK, The Arborist, Hilti traverse, project, project, Lowfat turkey Dog. All good. Last weekend i got used to climbing on ropes again. Running laps on the BRIK felt good. Surprising how much training power can actually turn into endurance if you know how to ease off and just relax on those holds. Plus the tactics involved in ropes are so awesome. Its more of a journey than a boulder problem, however, those committing highballs are journeys too. If the weather holds i rekon i'll have some draws up on the Arborist and getting used to the mother again, hopefully send the rig this season. Tired of projects, need new stuff thats hard and fresh.
well...the woody is calling. you sick fuck, no! Climbing! 

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  1. J-Tree in Jan. looking likely. You should come ski some sweet mountains and powder this winter as well.


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