Saturday, October 16, 2010

Disappointment, penny pinching and PLastic!

 I know..........its kinda fucked up. Like my life!

I'm sure by now the word has spread, and yes, i'm still in MT. Worse places to be for sure. The highly anticipated NY job contact totally fell through. Just goes to show ya not to stack all yer chips in one pile. Between breaking up with the lady, not working for two weeks, drinking a lot and getting my Zen training merit badge and training like a Fiend i've nearly fallen off the edge into a pit of anxious, self deprecating monk vomit. If that makes any sense? I have, however, been enjoying NoT working, sleeping in, getting fucked up, not having any obligations what so ever. Like when you realize, smoking that cig on the street corner, that there's no people you gotta meet up with, no one to go home to, do what-ever you want, that feels good, really good. I've also been getting back to searching out new music. Good shit. Probably cause---

Timmy and I hung out other was "fun"!

The Institution is keeping me in their cage till further notice, until I come up with $40'000 to pay those assholes back. I hope Obama will forgive that shit and legalize Herb in Cali. Then the black god will shine....oh didn't know?.........God is a big black man

In addition to being poor and having my main climbing buddies check out for other legitimate pursuits and it getting dark at 7 (which blows) I haven't been outside a whole lot. Two weekends ago made it up to lolo for some goodness. I worked out and finally sent the sit to At all costs, realizing the totality of the endeavor. Likely a good V7 ish thing, not as hard as Great White though (Pickle, nice job!). Brandon followed suit that same eve. I also climbed a funky assis to Sirens Vagina making a funky V5? The "Bruns", Victoria and Dylan were there in addition to Molly, Brandon and some older folks with kids and a couple who've names are eluding me. I kept yelling "FUCK" when I fell off. sorry kids, this is a cruel and expletive filled world we live in. Welcome!

.. And WE SHOT GUNs n Got DRunk. A did all kinds of stupid shit!

The plastic has been good. During my work hiatus i got psyched again at the woody. Several days of getting reacquainted started to yield very desirable results. Small home walls are the shit. If you don't have one, build one. Its a good arrow in the quiver at getting strong, plus you can do all the things at the woody that you can't at the school gym. Fuck it!

Last night I went to Emancipator at the top HAT,  danced, drank, smoked and people watched. I think i may have seen more beautiful woman last night than ever in one place in my life before. Insanity. Ive become convinced that the world is getting crazier by the day


  1. BTW the top photo is The Late Justin Pettersen on Eagles Brood v3 up off Highway 12 a piece, a sweet crack. miss that fellow!!!

  2. great post levi, very good. The shackles are off, let loose and fill the voids of horny women everywhere. In your prime, take advantage of it.


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