Thursday, September 9, 2010

Winds of Change!

Soon I'll be embarking on an unknown adventure into unknown territory, NY. The winds of the universe have picked up and inflated my sails in a new direction, temporarily! I'm off to Souther NY to build a post-modern/contemporary/nonconventional house with my friend Adam Fruh.  Denning, NY, is BF nowhere, however, it is super close to the Gunks. I hope we'll get some time off. Rumney might be in the cards as well. Not looking forward to paying to drive more than usual in addition only being able to drive 65 mph max, WTF, right?
    My real hopes and motivation for this trip are financially motivated, no doubt. If all goes well, I'll not have to stress about being broke for the winter. This will be a nice change of pace and peace of mind........
I'll be back, don't worry now. Montana's winter climbing scene will be prime when I get back. P-lot, perhaps Kootenai, conner and wandering in the woods, through the snow cleaning frozen moss and stumbling with the saw and or drill!

This weekend, I'm heading up the west fork to meet up with some old pioneer climbers, Ivan Pyatt, Jim Durkin, Gray and Eloisse Thompson, Craig Kenyon, Rick Torre, Micheal Scott, Tobin Kelly, This is the potential roster. 

Anyhow, so there are some sick Lolo like domes, in fact it is the same rock as lolo exactly just 70 miles away. Funny how that works. It is really cutting things close going down there but I'm trying to get as much Guidebook info and lost info on Missoula area climbing as possible in one swoop. The guide will encompass lolo routes and bouldering and other misc crags and forgotten info, ie, reststop, p-lot, and updates to popular crags. 

Anyway back from the tangent, So... looking forward to meeting some old dudes, chilling by the fire, rallying some dirt roads in the Menace (my trucks new name) and putting up some routes/freeing some projects and generally checking out a new place.

To all those folks who are going to Loho, sorry i'm not coming, I prefer the woodwork to the crowds and crisp, sharp holds to greasy ones.  And I like it when I'm the redneck with guns not some sketch dumb fuck b-root retards who are completely ignorant and have NO mind for respect of the rock or land. For Example: The super Rad boulder is FUCKED!!!! Forever!!! 

Back again from another Tangent... So if you want to get away and check out some new shit at Losthorse. Continue another 11 miles up canyon, start your odo at the bridge but don't take that left, The Stallion area is on the left across the creek and you can't miss it remember 11 miles. There is some good shit there. Haven't done a lot of it but a change of pace. Bring several pads/spotter and some balls cause that shit is high.

And remember, all you floners have fun and be safe. Don't get too drunk and spot people and watch your tongue and actions around those kids. Be a good role model for now anyway.


  1. The best update. Floners will unite, stand strong, and drink beer for you, good sir. Beers tomorrow.

  2. The Gunks fucking will not be disappointed. Rage on!


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