Monday, September 20, 2010

Motown Mofo

Well....I'm still in Missoula, blast! No climbing updates here. Just some plastic session with Floner-sds on the woody.. It sounds bad I know, but its climbing. Just trying to work and make money while hanging out with my thumb up my ass, going crazy, waiting to see if the whole NY digs is going to work out or not. To make matters worse, Not being in school pretty much makes my schedule opposite in some fucked up way than most of my friends. That being said I don't actually have that many mainstay climbing partners. My two main ones, Dean and Kelsey are totally MIA. Dean is Lost in the woods in hunting land and Kelsey fell into a vat of clay on his mission get his BFA. He's alive, but restricted to the schedule of, Work, School, Family, Clay, 6 hrs sleep repeat. Keep it together bro. See the light!

Fucked up thing too is, If its not raining its hot n muggy. Kind of poor climbing conditions unless its overcast. Anyway... peace


  1. Hang in there dude, I might be in the zoo this hit...lets link up for a beer at least

  2. hit=week...hmmm I win at typing...


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