Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Opium Den Projkt, It goes.....and I can do all the moves now....its time to link it up...and send...plus....it has two exits one hard and one weird and hard. Which one shall it be?? fotos courtesy Sam Johnson


  1. Levi This blog's starting to cruise. In time I think you, and the stones you're finding, can give www.b3bouldering.com a run for the money. Keep the posts and problems coming!

  2. yo buddy, nice one!!!
    Where is this?
    We should go bouldering soon!!!
    O, this is Kyle V.......

  3. Kyle, This is in my hood, although I can't reveal its location to you until I've sent it, sorry. Have worked on this thing for several years and want to do the FA.. Plus I'm sure it would give you little challenge, However, as long as sharp rock does not bother you there are some things that are beyond me that I will be willing to show in time


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