Sunday, April 11, 2010


  1. I thought I was going to do the glue-ing rant?!

  2. Bummer, with so much rock out in the Boulder Batholith there is no need for gluing or chipping...just a more adventurous spirit to find more lines...lots more beyond the realm of Whiskey Gulch, and usually 30 minutes closer to Bozeman too...

    If you need some more projects, let me need to 'engineer' your own when there is multitudes of beautiful hard projects waiting to be done.

    Maybe I need to do a projects post to open some eyes...

    Keep it clean out there fellas!


  3. Good to hook up with you and your crew--it was brief, but enjoyable for me, especially after I bumped into Ron and the boys walking out;-)


Keep it clean here!