Friday, August 27, 2010

Catch up!

Well its been awhile! Lets get things caught up to speed. A couple weekends ago I headed over with Beth to the BoulderBatholith Comp/fest; it was good. Brandon and Molly are back and they came over and climbed on the sickness. The comp went well. I cam in second to some strong sponsored dude from WY. Lots of good folks and good times. Another weekend of gettting fucked-up and climbing.

Working on the guide book. Shit takes forever. 

Been out to lolo quite a bit to do new shit some more. Bolted two new routes with Kelsey Duncan this last weekend and we're headed back to send them both, 5.12 i think. Super good slightly improbable but great. Bromethias and Roller girl, respectively.  Bromethias is 4 bolts with a boulder start and then another looooonnnnnngggg lock off to a crimp followed by some semi-easy-climbing and Roller girl is boulder start to sweetness/funkyloloshit. 11 bolts I think, its a huge arcing line. Gotta keep ya off the deck right?


I shit you not,, it took a half hour in grid lock to get from the center of town to wallmart yesterday and it was backed up from lolo. WHoly fuck man. So..................-----------#####we bailed to REststop crag for a cramped evening sesh. It was good as always. I love that place, so good. Might be checking out over the east coast for a couple of months but I'm stoked to make some $$$$$$$ and maybe stop at the red and go to rumney n shit. The Red is sooooo got, go there and get PUMPED.   I get the word next week if its a go. I'm crossin my fingers to say the least. I'm ripe for an adventure and some time away from MT even though I love this place more than life itself. life goes on--and there's always some shit to climb. 


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